čtvrtek 10. října 2013


Game Dev Tycoon

Dnešek přinesl příjemné oznámení, že je připravená beta verze češtiny ve Steam verzi hry Game Dev Tycoon, na které jsme společně s pár dalšíma lidma pracovali.
Takže hurá na testování, snad to bude brzy z krku.

Clash in the Clouds

Protože se blíží vydání druhého DLC na Bioshock Infinite - Burial at Sea a to bude opět jednou mazec překládání. Stačí, že se stále peru s Clash in the Clouds a jeho pitomým Motorizovaným patriotem s neuvěřitelnou rýmovanou staro angličtinou. Kdyby se tak našel někdo, kdo to přeloží...

Subtitles[37]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Take to your heels, with speed unbounded, to prove all faith in you well-founded... Your charge, to act as truest scion -- and let your soul ROAR as a LION!\"))
Subtitles[38]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"For your Prophet, now act! And reap such reward... Toll and tribute exact... Make them die by the sword...\"))
Subtitles[39]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Now act! Act without mercy! Act for your Prophet! And reap such reward...\"))
Subtitles[40]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Be free of fear! Leave caution to the craven and sickly -- and let your soul ROAR MIGHTY LIKE A LION!\"))
Subtitles[41]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Carry forth and fight well... Make a meal of thy enemies -- as they would of you...\"))
Subtitles[42]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Now act by Father Comstock&bs;\'s example: show your enemies their path leads solely to folly... and ruination...\"))
Subtitles[43]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Columbian to core, he never dreamed of declining chance to be redeemed. &bs;\'Gainst dauntless odds, he won&bs;\'t concede. But absolve himself of past misdeed...\"))
Subtitles[44]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"When time for atonement is at hand, he acts, for God and Fatherland! These words ring true without exemption: &bs;\"We must prove ourselves worthy of redemption&bs;\"...\"))
Subtitles[45]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"When next we meet, be not such a caricature of failure -- but the image of success...\"))
Subtitles[46]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Your chance for atonement is at hand, pilgrim. Do not let it pass you idly by...\"))
Subtitles[47]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Go... You may still absolve yourself of past mishap and failure...\"))
Subtitles[48]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Do not fail your Prophet once more... Do not disappoint him again...\"))
Subtitles[49]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"This one has proven strong in sword. All faith in him has been restored. Father Comstock sees fine future approach... The Sodom below, he&bs;\'ll soon encroach...\"))
Subtitles[50]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"You are proved strong in the sword, pilgrim... The Great Prophet commends you!\"))
Subtitles[51]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Who could predict such magnificent victory? The Great Prophet did... And lo, it is here...\"))
Subtitles[52]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Such triumph... Father Comstock foresees a glorious future, with you marching by his side...\"))
Subtitles[53]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"You have proven of worth... The Great Prophet applauds your success... and plans for you...\"))
Subtitles[54]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Hail, pilgrim... The Sodom below will quake the day you march upon the ground...\"))
Subtitles[55]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"You stand above all rivals, pilgrim... Only the Great Prophet knows to what further heights you may yet ascend...\"))
Subtitles[56]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"You have proven yourself mighty, pilgrim... Your name will be etched forever within the Hall of Heroes...\"))
Subtitles[57]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Father Franklin, gentleman and scholar, tutored barbarous French for countless hour. Yet on topic of arts, culture, and faith, most dear... they proved to have the tinnest ear...\"))
Subtitles[58]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Father Washington fought on with strength unflagging, so British spirit would keep on sagging. It&bs;\'s said he slept not single snore... till all Englishmen were purged from shore...\"))
Subtitles[59]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Father Jefferson, the Scroll&bs;\'s great scribal, sought to raise immigrants from state most tribal. Yet savages&bs;\' faith was such in tatters -- he smartly moved to more... pressing matters...\"))
Subtitles[60]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Father Comstock, the founder of Columbia... Some say drew the city into the sky solely by force of mighty will and unshaking faith...\"))
Subtitles[61]=(Subtitle=(Speaker=\"Motorizovaný Patriot\",Subtitle=\"Oh, black-hearted Lincoln, the lord of misrule... His the cause of a nation&bs;\'s great fall... Brought down by a virtuous agent of liberty, before the tyrant could wreak even greater harm...\"))

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